I’m on Ultrafinishers…

…Or at least I was on Ultrafinishers, and never posted it here. Been kinda busy training for 100 miles of crazy fun and all. And I hate to talk about myself and promote myself, but I had something to share and I really enjoyed the interview with Scott… Check it out. 

Something about Josie, something about the Athletic Equation trail series, something about the unlimited possibilities that exist within everyone…

I’ve listened to about a dozen other Ultrafinishers podcasts and learned a thing or two, it always amazes me how much there is to learn about such a seemingly simple sport. But in fact, part of the reason that I fell in love with running (and I fell so hard) is that it is a simple sport with so much opportunity for complexity.

Just like life, the goal is to remember the simplicity.

For reasons I don’t entirely understand yet, the Universe decided to shine down upon me and give me a backdoor escape from the grind that led to bliss. Marriage didn’t work out. Career didn’t work out. Didn’t seem like anything that I went after was working out.

So I felt as though I was off the hook. Life could be whatever I wanted it to be. On the trails was where I felt most free and alive. And I spent more time by myself, with that quiet, living each moment. Being free. The town I now call home is like one giant playground. I can go anywhere and do anything I want.

The suffering comes with it, the suffering is the price. But once I learned to accept the suffering and make peace with it, there were limitless possibilities available to me. The suffering faded into the background… my focus became all victory, all possibility.

The struggles and challenges have all been worth it. In running and in life.

This podcast captures all of it and more. And next week is the Athletic Equation 12-hour and I’m looking forward to a great race, so good timing to listen to this one more time.

Ultrafinishers podcast with me…

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